How to create 3 blocks horizontally with links? [Solved]

How to create 3 blocks horizontally with links in the GeneratePress theme, considering that they are articles on pages and not on posts

I am grateful to have known one of the best WordPress themes ever built and I know that my difficulties are also from others

I use one of the GeneratePress library site themes where the blog part (with posts) works perfectly with 2 (two) columns, but I need to do it with 3 (three) columns with pages and I can’t

How to create 3 blocks horizontally with links?

That said, here are some images that better explain my difficulties and so the GPP success team can understand better, since I don’t master writing in English and I appeal to the translators who have helped me

I tried to use Query Loop without success because they use “categories” and pages have no category. So I tried pulling page by page in each block, but when changing one page it changes in all columns

My container has a width of 900px and I tried with Container, with Grid and Headline and I couldn’t leave 3 blocks horizontally for desktop and vertically on mobile

In fact I believe it’s something simple to do, but hundreds of people just like me still haven’t found the right way.

Pictures Show Errors

The three images below have the original size of 720×360 and I believe that WordPress manipulates their size to the ideal without the need for me to create smaller images

On desktop they behave vertically and not horizontally as they should

I have opened the page in several desktop browsers and they all show the same vertically

Appears on mobile

Aparência de blocos no celular

To have a view of the page, access this article and see on desktop and mobile

The Site Map

As you can see below, I have dozens of pages to be dependent on your main subject. Looking at the image below, each column should belong to its corresponding top

Mapa do site Boleto Fatura

How Did I Solve the Problem?

If there is, please post it in the comments so that the solution is public

What I want is for the blocks to be uniform with widths that make for a more professional job.

In this way we will know How to create 3 blocks horizontally with links?

Contacting GeneratePress Success Support I was guided to configure GenerateBlock

For caching reasons, the configuration in generate block solved the problem when changing to the “Inline Embedding” option